GyroPilot 3

GyroPilot 3


The new GyroPilot 3 computer offers unparalleled steering quality for everyone. It meets your need for an autopilot available in all sea and wind conditions.

The GyroPilot 3 is bringing 30 years’ experience of steering sailboats. Through high frequency processing algorithms designed by our engineers, it will steer a lot better than most helmsmen.

The autopilot can be used with different modes: True wind (standard now and no longer offered as an option), Apparent wind, Compass, Rudder, GPS and Polar modes. This last one requires a data source such as an evolved navigation software.

The following “Super” modes have also been added:

  • Roll mode to keep a constant roll.
  • Gust mode to control wind gusts.

These “Super” modes allows the autopilot to momentarily steer away from the original course during a specific event (wind gust or increased roll). You can set a downwind limit and the autopilot will take care of the rest.

test_03 FEATURES

  • Size : 21,5 x 14,5 x 7,5 cm  /  8.46 x 5.67 x 2.95 inches
  • Supply voltage 12V & 12V/24V for the drive output
  • Power Consumption : 30mA
  • Waterproof IP Rating : IP67
  • Weight: 668 g / 1.47 lbs. With cables & packaging: 3,3 kg / 7.26 lbs
  • Operating temperature : -10°C à +50°C  /  14°F to 122°F
  • Storage temperature : -20°C à +60°C  /  -4°F to 140°F
  • Product reference : 90-60-550

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