The nke Box allows multiplexing of all data coming from the Topline Bus (wind, speed…) and NMEA instruments (AIS, GPS…) to be sent to applications (your PC, Smartphones, tablets or apple watch).

The nke Box releases the data such as the direction and the distance to WPT on the BUS, and then the Box displays the data on multifunction displays.

Combined with the Toplink software, it allows you to perform updates, diagnostics and remote maintenance of your electronic installation.

In addition to this Box, it is possible to install the nke Display Pro application that connects to the boat through the WiFi network on board.

The WiFi Box allows the application to have a bi-directional communication and therefore to send commands on the Topline bus (to control the driver for example).


Power supply

DC 8V – 32V


12 volts 50 mA

NMEA input

NMEA 183 baud rate automatically set up from 4800 to 38400 bauds. Automatic process of AIS data

NMEA output

NMEA 183 wired connection at 38400 bauds


Wi-Fi 802.11b+g



Box  Wifi V1.2 

compatible with nke display pro options (extra charge)


It comes with:

  • 1 BUS connection to read the data
  • 3 input : wired / USB / WiFi
  • 3 NMEA ouput : wired / USB / WiFi

This new nke Box features a USB port (inpout/output) and a SD Card slot for data logging.

At the Nautic boatshow in Paris, Adrena will introduce it in the latest pro version (13). Expedition and ScanNav will suggest tools to perform the route and the data on a map.

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