This wired remote control incorporates the A-B-C-D keys to directly access pre-programmed configurations.

For example, after a start in configuration A, a simple press of the B key will switch all Multidisplay with the useful channels for upwind.

The C key will be for the downwind leg, etc.

It also allows access to the various menus.



8V – 32V DC


< 30 mA @ 12V




Ø5,5mm, 2 conducteurs + fil de masse, longueur 6m

Température de fonctionnement

-10°C / 50°C

Température de stockage

-20°C / 60°C


350 g avec 6 m de câble et capot de protection


Avec capot de protection

122 x 62 x 27 mm

Sans capot de protection

115 x 58 x 23 mm

Fastening elements

Ecrou 4 lobes M14

Ref : 30-95-032

Fixamo M14

Ref : 30-95-031


The upper part of the keyboard is common to both PADs with the same capabilities.

The difference here is in the lower part with dedicated stopwatch keys and shortcut keys A, B, C and D.

You set each display independently for a response to a shortcut key.

You can imagine display contexts such as: port maneuver, regatta start phase, close edge, bearing, etc … In a single key you modify the page of all the displays of the edge to access the data that you are interested in this context.

Note: The PAD Display is not necessary to control the Multidisplay, the PAD Pilot can be enough, but it offers interesting possibilities with its shortcut keys.

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