Improve the quality of wind measurement and reliability of your installation.

Since 2008 nke has been working on wind measurement with the technical platform of the HR Processor* and the 3D Sensor.

One of the objectives was to “denoise” the apparent wind i.e. to subtract from this measurement all the boat accelerations that disturb it.

The Apparent Wind Monitor integrates a 3D sensor and publishes on the bus a debruity** wind.

*High Technology Award 2015 for the Processor and
**Debugging available with an HR anemometer sensor.


Power supply

9 to 34DC


<200 mA


120 x 90 x 51 mm




More robustness, with a mast line isolated from the rest of the installation

Based on the fact that 80% of electronic problems at sea come from the mast line (cable and sensor) this Wind Monitor allows :

  • to isolate the main installation from the mast line in case of short circuit or overvoltage
  • In these cases, to switch manually or automatically to a second or third wind sensor,
  • or to switch to compass mode (without losing control of the pilot) if the installation has only one wind vane sensor on board.


Wind denoising

The prerequisite is to use a reactive wind sensor.  The HR nke wind vane sensor has been revised and improved. A new reel, the lightest on the market, and the blade have been redesigned. It has been equipped with a high-resolution digital decoder to obtain a sensitivity that is now close to one tenth of a degree. Comparative measurements by various AMERICA CUP teams have highlighted the quality of this sensor, which has also been adopted by the new IMOCA boats. The wind denoising algorithm that was developed for the HR Processor has proven its effectiveness*. It allows to divide the consumption of the pilot by 50% and thus to improve its performance. By flying with a reactive and denoised true wind, steering is more accurate and steering inputs are reduced. The boat is then braked less, consumption is reduced. With this knowledge, nke has decided to make this denoising technology accessible to the greatest number by developing the Apparent Wind Monitor.

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