Technical Access

Toplink Software

Download ToplinkSetup (V2.3.0 Software)

This version mainly integrates the automatic update of the firmware by downloading on an FTP server. This update is started automatically when Toplink is started. This logically requires an internet connection at the time of download. This automatic update can be deactivated, it is then necessary to launch it manually: menu “Options> Updates …”.

USB Toplink drivers installation with WINDOWS 10/a>

Notice Toplink 2


2019 Auto Pilot Training[download] Tutoriel vidéo : Mise à jour d’un élément du bus avec Toplink2.

Top 3D Software

Download Top 3D

This software allows the calibration of the 3D Sensor HR. This sensor is an intertial navigation system assisted by GNSS and magnetometers.

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