GyroPilot remote control

Wireless control of the pilot with automatic man-over-board detection.
This remote control is light and user friendly. Designed for the GyropilotGraphic, it allows freedom to move around safely.
Whether you stand near the helm, on deck, at the mast base or on the bow, you can alter the heading, tack, gybe, switch pilot mode, or just toggle the pages on the display, all by the press of a button. The receiver installed on your nke bus will forward the command to the Topline bus.

Multifunction remote control

Wireless control of multifunction units with automatic man-over-board detection. This remote control is light and user friendly. It allows freedom to move around safely. You can change the displayed channels from wherever you are on board, manage the calibration or trigger the race timer.

Crew remote control

Ideal for crew members, it automatically detects when a man goes over board.
Light and simple, this transmitter is dedicated to your crew members’ safety. It allows automatic trigger of Man Over Board alarm whatever your instrument system, nke or other.


Power supply

lithium battery 3.6V. Battery life time ranges from 1 to 3 years. (Return the unit to your dealer for battery replacement)

Waterproof protection

IP68 (to immersion)



Operating temperature

-10°C à +50°C

Storage temperature

-20°C à +60°C




In a Man Over Board situation, it triggers an audible alarm to warn the crew and display bearing and distance to the Man Over Board on all multifunction displays. If the pilot is engaged the following actions are automatic:

  • In Crew Mode: no action on the Gyropilot
  • In Solo Mode:
    • boat turns into the wind if your instrument system includes a wind sensor.
    • rudder turns to the end stop on the opposite side if your instrument system does not include a wind sensor.

In addition to this transmitter/remote control, you can have up to 8 M.O.B. Rescue Aids allowing one for each member of your family / crew. They all trigger alarms in the same way.

The transmitters are continuously sending their ID code to the system. In case of radio signal break, you are immediately warned. No need to jump in the water to check if the system works!

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