nke Display Pro (Smartphone App)


The nke Display Pro app is the ideal application to complete your electronic installation. It is available on iOS (iPhone, iPad and Apple Watch) and on all Android devices.

Download nke Display Pro app on the Apple Store

Download nke Display Pro app on Playstore

Our application is available on all types of smartphones and tablets. It allows you to display, configure and control all the information you need for your navigation.



  • Navigation data display: direct access to essential informations.
  • Data recording: performance analysis.
  • Remote control option*. Tablets and smartphones can also be used as remote controls for the displays and GyroPilot.
  • The displays remote control option allows you to select the information you want to see on the screen.
  • The GyroPilot remote control option allows you to control your autopilot (+1/-1 +10/-10, auto, stop).


You connect to the nke Display Pro application on the boat via the Wi-Fi network.

In addition to the nke Wi-Fi box, the nke Display Pro application allows you to select and display data from any navigation station that transmits in NMEA 0183.

The nke Wi-Fi Box allows the application to have bidirectional communication and thus to send commands on the Topline bus, to control the autopilot for example. By operating in conjunction with the nke Wi-Fi Box, you can make a diagnosis of the instruments present on the Topline bus and check whether the software of your instruments is up to date.

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