Analog Monitor 4X

Create and publish on the Topline Bus your own channels.

This interface allows to create and publish on the Topline Bus the data of any third party sensor(s) of analog voltage type (ex: mast angle sensor, keel angle sensor, tank gauges…).

The Analog Monitor 4X is an interface for four analog sensors inputs that allows to create and publish on the Topline Bus the data of analog voltage type sensors (ex: mast angle, keel angle, tank gauges ….).
There are two interface models:
– Analog Monitor 4X input 0-5 Volts, used for example for a nke helm angle
– Analog Monitor 4X 0-10 Volts input

This interface allows data to be transmitted in the form of tank or dynamic channels on the system. These data are transmitted to the displays. They are also sent to the nke USB Box, which will make it possible to use its values on PCs thanks to software (for example Adrena).


Power supply

10 to 16VDC


22mA without lighting and 90mA with lighting




400g including cable

Cable bus

Ø 5.0 ± 0.3 - weight: 34 g/m


height : 97mm; width : 147mm; thickness : 25mm

Operating temperature

-10°C à +50°C

Storage temperature

-20°C à +60°C

Horizontal viewing angle

> 120°

Vertical viewing angle

> 90°

Character height

18 mm for the channel, and 6 mm for the title and unit


  • For standard sensors (mast angle sensor, keel angle sensor, tank gauges), display of the sensor data on all Topline displays.
  • For other custom sensors, display of the data on the multigraphics on a configurable dynamic channel: choice of the unit format and label. Display in analog or digital form.
    • Up to 8 customizable channels
    • Customized configuration of the interface by nke.

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