Reliability in innovation

Innovation – Precision – Reliability – Safety

Simple. Our entire development approach is based on simplicity and safety to give you peace of mind when you are at sea. We work on simplicity of use and interaction with instruments, especially with our autopilot.

Efficient. Our priority is to make our instruments reliable so that they are perfectly suited to your needs.

Service. The entire nke team is at your service to meet your needs: technical advice, questions, diagnostics. We deliver all the necessary instruments all over the world.

New in 2022

TopSailor navigation software

TopSailor is a navigation software. It only works with an nke installation. TopSailor is connected to the bus via a nke box in USB and consists of different modules:

  • Visualisation of your installation
  • Configuration of your autopilot
  • Recording of your data pages
  • Diagnosis of your instruments
  • Recording of data flows

New in 2022

New generation of autopilot

The new GyroPilot 3 computer is the culmination of 30 years of experience in sailing boat steering. With high-frequency processing of the algorithm developed by our engineers, it does better than many human helmsmen. The new GyroPilot 3 computer allows any user to steer with unparalleled quality. The autopilot has the classic main modes:

  • true wind
  • apparent wind
  • compass
  • helm
  • GPS
  • polar chart
  • “SUPER” modes: gust and list

Our range of instruments

Multifunction displays – Autopilot – Sensors – Interfaces – Processor – nke Bus

For over 35 years, nke has been developing innovative instruments and technologies dedicated to navigation. Whatever your type of navigation, regatta or cruise, solo or with a crew, nke products are designed to meet all levels of requirements and needs.

Displays. Accurate and instantaneous data – easy to use.

Autopilot. A world reference in cruising and ocean racing, the nke autopilot guarantees you a pleasure of navigation and a recognised performance.

The processor. Wind calculator integrating real wind tables, performance polars and noise reduction.

The sensors. Nke has developed a wide range of specific sensors to meet all needs.

The interfaces. The interfaces allow our system to communicate with the outside world.


The network continues to grow!

The network continues to grow!

The network continues to grow!Over the last few days, Xavier MARTIN & Olivier Gallut have been training new installers as well as existing...

Training on a boat!

Training on a boat!

Embark on a training course!How to know and use our navigation solutions? There is nothing better than training on a boat. nke Marine Electronics,...

Happy holyday season!

Happy holyday season!

🎄✨Happy holyday season!🎉 All nke teams wish you a haapy holyday season and a happy new year! We are closed from Saturday 24th...

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