7 inch graphic color screen, the Multidisplay gives access to all the digital and graphical data of your installation. Optical bonding offers a vision angle beyond compare. Its intuitive interface allows you to:

  • Customize screen types as well as to select the proper skin type.
  • Set the alarms and calibrate the sensors.
  • Manage and configure the nke auto pilot. (If one is installed on the bus).

You can choose between 2 orientations: landscape (in the cockpit) or portrait (on the mast). In landscape orientation, you can display 1 to 9 data. When only one data is displayed (50mm font size) it replaces the SL50.In portrait orientation, you can display 1 to 4 data. With 3 data of 25mm high and despite its compactness, it offers a much better readability than the TL25.

The multidisplay is controlled by 2 external wired keypads: the PAD pilot and the PAD display. They allow to configure display settings, to set the alarms and to calibrate the sensors. The PAD pilot allows to engage/disengage the autopilot and to modify the steering instructions. The PAD display is used to display the data and control the timer. More intended for boats without autopilot, it can be a useful additional tool in regattas.

Available in white [90-60-543] or carbon appearance [90-60-544].



8 à 32 V DC


150 mA (rétro-éclairage jour niveau 10)




850 g avec 6 m de câble (32 g/m) et capot de protection

Câble bus

Ø 5,5 mm, 4 conducteurs + fil de masse, longueur 6 m


196 x 122 x 28 mm (avec capot de protection ; 192 x 118 x 23 mm sans)

Température en fonctionnement

-10°C à +50°C

Température de stockage

-20°C à +60°C


  • Pilot control (auto, stop, +10°, -10°, +1°, -1°) with the PAD Pilot
  • 3 pages available: cross-track error, analog or digital
  • Direct access to pilot settings
Navigation data display
  • Possibility to create 10 pages. 1 to 9 data displayed per page, depending on the orientation.
  • Possibility to display analog, graphic and digital data at the same time.
  • Access to sensors calibration and alarm settings.
  • A start page that gives access to:
    • A regatta timer
    • The start line: distance, length and time to the starting line; provide the favored end of the line in degree and meters.
  • Wind table management: allows to correct wind measurement disturbed by the sails
"Regatta" page

This customizable page displays strategic data.

  • True wind indicator: reactive and accurate reading of true and average wind angle
  • HeadingGPS, compass, waypoint
  • • Drift measurement
  • Current: direction and strength
  • Waypoint : heading and distance to the next point
  • Choice of 4 data
More proprieties
  • Standby mode
  • 2 information displayed alternately on the same line
  • Backlighting : 2 settings day/night backlight
  • Display of Magnetic COG
  • Display of Adrena and Expedition Software dynamic channels

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