Ethernet Box

The Ethernet Box has the same functional characteristics as the USB WiFi Box.

Instead of WiFi, it can join an Ethernet network. It is thus possible to gather all the sources of navigation data in a single network with the help of a router which can also be WiFi.

Combined with the Toplink software, it allows you to perform updates, diagnostics and remote maintenance of your electronic installation.

In addition to this Box, it is possible to install the nke Display Pro application that connects to the boat through the WiFi network on board.

The WiFi Box allows the application to have a bi-directional communication and therefore to send commands on the Topline bus (to control the driver for example).


Power Supply

DC 8V – 32V


12 volts 50 mA

NMEA Inputs

NMEA 183 baudrate automatically configured between 4800 and 38400 bauds. Reading of AIS data without initialization of the NMEA input

NMEA Outputs

wired NMEA 183 38400 bauds




The Box nke is equipped with:

  • 1 BUS connection to read and write data
  • 3 inputs: wired / USB / Ethernet
  • 3 NMEA 183 outputs: wired / USB / Ethernet

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