5.7’’ LED colour screen.

It offers a wide 160° viewing angle and low power consumption with its light sensor. Built-in NMEA input with console to view received channels.

Two bezel colours available : white [ref. 90-60-359] or carbon like [ref. 90-60-399]


Dimensions (H x L x D)

118 x 192 x 23 mm


90 mA without lighting,150 mA with lighting

Horizontal reading angle

> 160°

Vertical reading angle 

> 120°

Screen resolution

640 x 480 pixels


750 g (without cable)


Length 5 m – Weight 40 g/m


  • Direct control: Auto, Stand-by, +10, -10, +1°,-1°
  • 3 dedicated pages: XTE, analogue page and digital page
  • Direct access to pilot’s settings
  • 10 pages, programmable with up to 6 values. Mix of analogue, digital, and graphic diplay
  • Display nke bus and NMEA data
  • Direct access to sensors calibration and alarm settings
Performance functions*
  • A racing page gives access to:
    • True Wind indicator  : true wind direction trends at a glance and accurately.
    • Race timer
    • Start line : boat and pin, length, distance to go, time to burn. Favourable side is expressed in angle (°) and distance (meters)
  • True Wind angle tables. These values apply a correction to the measured data
  • Current and drift: the Multigraphic calculates automatically the drift and displays speed and direction of the current.

*Available from V1.7

Tactician page for better racing

This page displays valuable information for strategic decisions on beatin legs (V2.1).

  • True wind indicator  : true wind direction trends at glance. Instant and average
  • Compass heading, Course over ground, waypoint bearing
  • Calculate drift
  • Current: direction and speed
  • Waypoint : heading and bearing to the mark
  • Selection of 4 data to display
More proprieties
  • Keyboard lock and display stand-by mode
  • Alternant display of 2 values on the same line.
  • Backlight : day and night skins
  • COG magnetic value (V2.0)
  • Sensors’ settings locked by user password (V2.0)
  • Display dynamic channels from Adréna and Expédition software packages (V2.0)
  • WiFi Box  : RWiFi nertwork settings and display WiFi name and key (V2.0)

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