Ocean racing


Sensors, multifunction displays, autopilots, processors…all products in the nke range have the benefit of a wealth of experience of the company in ocean racing.

We have designed High Resolution wind sensor, 5.7’’ colour screen with LED technology and processors to give you accurate performance data for your tactical decisions. For your safety, we offer MOB device connected to the system

The Gyropilot was developed by nke in 1995. This was the first autopilot for sailboats featuring a gyro meter. This innovation combined with the nke sensors allowed autopilots to steer the boats downwind, under spinnaker.

Since then, the nke autopilot has become the first choice for race boats and it has been used by all the winners of the VENDEE GLOBE.

The nke HR autopilot is a market references: 1st place in the Vendée Globe 2008, 1st place in the Class 40 Route du Rhum 2010, 1st place in the Mini transat 2009, to name a few. The reputation of the nke autopilot has been strong for more than two decades and the best solo sailors know that they can rely on a strong partner even in rough sea.



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