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➡️ In this week’s “episode”: Paul Stock of Wainui Marine.
Paul resells nke instruments in New Zealand 🇳🇿
How long have you been installing nke Marine Electronics instruments?
“I have been selling/working with nke for about 10 years, since the first installation of a complete system on our demo boat “Spitfire”.”
What geographic area do you cover?
“I cover New Zealand.”
What type of boats do you usually install nke on? Cruising, Regatta, Offshore racing?
“We work with all systems, from cruising sailors in New Zealand to local racing boats.”
Have you ever visited nke’s headquarters near Lorient?
“I’ve been to Paris and met some of the team in 2013 for a training day at the Paris Boat Show. I met Joel Bars, Stephane Siohan, Paul Fraisse and worked with them and David Le Moing over the years to solve installation issues, service issues and select the right products for our customers. I also worked a lot by e-mail with Cécile Guidoux and Isabelle Sinquin for our orders and delivery logistics. I never went to the main office of nke.”
Do you have an anecdote about your relationship with nke?
“No particular anecdotes but I think we are the farthest dealer from nke’s main office at 9,389 nautical miles.”
Thanks so much to Paul for answering our questions! 👏

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