Be confident in your pilot in any situation.

With Gyropilot,you can enjoy your navigation and cruising whatever the weather conditions. Our instrument systems are built around the pilot for your comfort and safety. Helm stability and control are ensured by the integrated gyrometer.

Comfort: Permanent helm accuracy and steady heading in any condition.
Optimum safety: Our pilot has a proven track record in the Vendée Globe race where it controlled the steering over 95% of the time in extreme conditions.
A reference on the market: This pilot is the choice of Vendée Globe, Route du Rhum, and Mini Transat winners, to name a few. It is compulsory for the Figaro Class rules.
Simple: One single control display, the Multigraphic or GyropilotGraphic, allows full control of the nke pilot, display of navigation data as well as AIS.

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