Compas 9X


The “Compas 9X” nke is a precision sensor comparable to an inertial unit, realizing the fusion of accelerometers, gyrometers and magnetometers data in real time. It delivers a true orientation in the 3D space: heading, rolling and pitching. Movement and orientation are available at the frequency of 25 Hz (NMEA output).

The miniaturization of the sensor (MEMS components) and its integration in a new generation waterproof housing facilitates its installation on board.


  • Power : 9 à 30VDC
  • Consumption : <500mW
  • Angular resolution : 0,01°
  • Magnetic heading precision : 2°(dynamic)
  • Roll and Pitch precision : 1°(dynamic)
  • Gyroscopes : ±2000°/s
  • Accelerometers : ± 16G
  • Magnetometer : ± 0,8Gauss
  • Operating temp.: -10°C à +50°C
  • Watertighness : IP67
  • Weigth : 200 g
  • Dimensions : H68 x Ø78
  • Warranty: 2 years
  • Includes : bracket, 6m cable
  • Ref.: 90-60-534



Under pilot, the system uses the boat acceleration data to apply a correction on the compass heading

The combination of the 9X Compass with a Gyropilot (gyrometer integrated) enhances the pilot performance.

A standard fluxgate compass does not provide the boat’s acceleration data. Therefore, there is a damping for compass heading data in order to get a stable value; otherwise it would not be useable. The integrated gyrometer in the autopilot partly compensates for this but with clean data coming from the 9X Compass, the performance is even better.


Find all the manuals in  the User guides section.


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